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Strange People and Black Sausage (2006)

is the 4th, 5th or 8th album by the Mescaline Smugglers - depending on how you count them. The name for it was just an inside joke in their conversations - it was the time when Jore celebrated his 50th anniversary and of course all the guest were strange to Davy. There was also "Black sausage" on offer...

"Blood sausage is made by frying in oven. The hot Black Sausage is at its best with cold milk. Black Sausage can easily be heated in barbecue grill, frying-pan and also in open fire. The real Black Sausage comes from Tampere, Finland. You can buy it hot from almost every food shop in Tampere."

That's how the name was born. Very much like using the method 'first thing that comes to mind'. The music is slightly different this time. The direction is toward rockier, bluesier, almost heavier stuff. Jugband is still not forgotten - and hopefully never will be.


1. Champagne Charlie (Leybourne/Lee)
While I was visiting Jore, one morning he put on a Leon Redbone LP with this song on it. I had heard it before but forgotten how great it was - we recorded it that afternoon. I couldn’t make out what Renbone was singing - so I just made up some of the words myself. --davy
2. Down Down Down (Mc Gowan)
I wrote this one in Finland. Just took the nylon string guitar out on the porch and started ‘doodling’ and this is what came out. --davy
3. Blues In My Heart (Heikkilä - McGowan)
I think I write this in Finland too. I was depressed - the Alko was closed and I had no cigarettes! --davy
4. The Party's Over (Heikkilä)
This come out of my guitar after my party. I still remembered it the next day when we 'taped' it. --jore
5. Winehead Blues (Sticks McGee)
I remember hearing Mose Allison doing this - it must have stuck in my head - can’t think why! --davy
6. Rockin' Around (Mc Gowan)
Great electric solo by Davy! --jore
This is a fairly standard rocker - nothing too fancy - managed to get Melissa’s name into it though! --davy
7. Mean Old Blues (Heikkilä - McGowan)
Tune by Jore and then lyrics by me. Pretty laid back - not much to it. --davy
8. Passing Through (trad)
Jore said ‘Passing Through’ as he walked by me as I sat on the porch - and it made me think of the Leonard Cohen recording on his ‘Live Songs’ album. I thought Cohen wrote it - but I've since found out it’s actually a traditional song. --davy
9. The Sky Is Cryin' (James, Robinson, Lewis)
Tuomas wanted to do this. An old Elmore James blues number. --davy
You may have a different version which has NO slide guitar solos... but this version has them. (little differences between opinions of how to mix this...) --jore
10. Ain't No Woman (Mc Gowan)
I must have been going through the male menopause or something. Women? Give me a bowl of hot soup anyday! --davy
11. Wang Dang Doodle (Willie Dixon)
This is my favourite! Everything went right on this old Willie Dixon penned Howlin’ Wolf track - I really like the way it turned out. --davy
12. Bless My Soul (Mc Gowan)
I can’t remember anything about this! I guess I better go listen --davy
13. Mean Mistreater (Mc Gowan)
I liked the way this turned out too. Kind of ‘Exile On Main Street’ Rolling Stones sound - well, to my ears anyway! --davy
14. No One at the Wheel (Mc Gowan)
Pretty bloody depressing, eh? Ha! Ha! Great bass from Jore - that’s the highlight of this song. He’s a bloody genius! XXXOOO --davy
Is it me playing bass? I was sure it was Tuomas and already put credit to him. Who cares? --jore
I DO! It's me. --tuomas
15. Love Is Blue (Pierre Cour & Andre Popp)
I played this to Davy after my party was about over and suddenly he insisted that I should be tape this and put on our forthcoming CD. I don't know if I play wrong or miss something, this is just how I remember it from the days of 60's. --jore
Jore was doodling this in the studio while I was tuning up. ‘What the hell is that? Love is Blue? Why didn’t you tell me you can play that you bastard! Get it recorded right now!’ So he did……. --davy


14. No One at the Wheel

There’s a shaking inside of me
There’s a shaking inside
It’s just the way I feel
I’ve not been on this road before
And the lights are on
But there’s no one at the wheel

Gotta play with these cards
Gotta play with these cards
But it’s a lousy deal
I’ve not been on this road before
And the lights are on
But there’s no one at the wheel

Seen the signs and took the cure
But nothing’s gonna change the way I’m feeling
Down and out and insecure
I’m like a man in a whirlwind tonight

Something tells me there’s something wrong
Seventh son holding tight on the seventh seal
I’ve not been on this road before
And the lights are on
But there’s no one at the wheel

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2007


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