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Too Black Bad (2008)

In July 2008 Davy arrived in Finland with over 90 new songs. The majority of them were eventually discarded but 36 were recorded by the Smugglers in an intensive two week session. This time they had some friends playing on the album and violin, saxophone, trumpet added a new dimension to their sound. The album, by now named TOO BLACK BAD, was complete but it had still all to be mixed so Davy flew back over to Finland in October and the band sat down and mixed it together. It would be interesting to see what category a record shop would put The Mescaline Smugglers albums under. Is it folk? Rock? Country? Jazz? Blues? The answer is 'yes' - it's all of them and the 2CD set TOO BLACK BAD is a distillation of everything that's gone before - a final crystalization of all they represent - it is in effect the band's EXILE ON MAIN STREET - which is as good as it gets.


Yep, we have some wonderful guests this time. 'Hessu' Taittonen and 'Pertsa' Sopenperš, both familiar from our last album 'Harlequenesque' are having now more space with their instruments. Hessu seems to be able to blow sounds out of everything except the scottish pipes - or maybe no one has happened to ask for that yet?
At the beginning Davy was not sure if we had any use for an eletric guitarist - with some computer magic we were able to change his acoustic guitar sound to almost real electric. But after listening some of Pertsa's solos Davy's comment was: 'we definitely need this guy!!'... Probably the listener can hear the difference between real and fake electric sound even if they both can be heard at the same time.
AP Sarjanto, a man who hosts his own music club in town and who has had at least one real hit single in the Finnish music charts, got interested after visiting the Mescaliners website and downloading a few tracks! He came to jam in our sessions and brought also two of his songs with him. (They are included in this collection.)
AP introduced us - or our website - to the band ANTS IN THE PANTS, i.e. Ilona Ala-Leppilampi & Lasse Suurkari and after that it was easy to ask Ilona to play fiddle and Lasse his tenor banjo on some tracks. Ilona played her fiddle also on some tracks on Kvester Melkk Quintet's new album called 'The Secret Door', which was recorded at the same time. We feel very lucky. --jore

Davy's comments about the tracks:


1. SWING OUT SISTER - This is part Lonnie Donegan (he sang the old folk song Jack of Diamonds) and part cocktail jazz piano from Tuomas. Nice to have a sax player on this CD too. I love the kind of jazz from early 1960ís old black and white footage and I suppose I was trying to capture the kind of Bohemian feel of those old TV shows. I think Swing Out Sister was the name of a British girl group in the 1980ís - I just steal names, lines and anything else I can find. Iím a very lazy lyric writer - thatís why so many songs are so short - I just canít be arsed writing anymore. Guitar is tuned DF#BEAD

2. THE BALLAD OF DAVID ROSENBERG - Local Finnish music legend A.P. Sarjanto has been a fan of ours since Jore gave him a hint to our site at the folk club AP runs. He asked if I would write English lyrics for a couple of his songs and I was happy to oblige. Armed with a rough translation of the Finnish lyrics I tried to put the ideas into a rhyming format that kept the idea and feel of the song intact. He was happy with the results and came to the studio to record with us one afternoon. I think itís a great melody and we all did well on the track which was recorded pretty much Ďliveí - though the four of us played Ďliveí twice to get the 8 tracks required - if that makes sense.

3. EVERY KINDA PEOPLE - Lovely dreamy piano from Tuomas to start off things. Basically just a Ďriffí song - kinda funky in a laid back way. - maybe I was thinking of John Shaft. Nice flute from Heikki at the end . The tablas add an eastern tinge. And Tuomas playing great bass! Guitar is tuned DADF#AD (open D)

4. SAM BECKETTíS BLUES - Itís the Irish dramatist I mean here - not the sci-fi TV hero from Quantum Leap. Iíd been watching a couple of Beckettís plays and I needed a title for this song - so his name was in my head. I hated his plays when I was a teenager but age and experience has led me to Ďunderstandí them much better. I wanted a garage band sound on the rockier tracks - Tuomas called it Ďcrunchyí and I think we just about got that sort of Keith Richards Rolling Stones sound here. Itís great to have a guitar player like Pertti playing on the CD - I would never call myself a lead guitarist but he sure can! My guitar was tuned DGDGBD (open G)

5. ALL MY LOVE - Itís for me to know and you to wonder if I had someone in mind when I wrote this. Fantastic piano from Tuomas - I couldnít have dreamed of a better fill in between verses and a wonderful nylon string solo from Jore at the end. These guys just bring everything to life and I can never begin to thank them enough for what theyíve played on my songs over the past few years. Guitar is tuned DGDEGD

6. OH MY MARIE - It doesnít get much simpler than this. Reggae isnít something Iím a huge fan of but I like to listen to a couple of Bob Marley tracks now and then. Iíve no idea where this song came from but Iím glad it appeared. Lovely organ solo from Tuomas. Nice sax from Heikki. Jore on a couple of guitars on this somewhere. I donít know anyone called Marie by the way. My choppy acoustic guitar at the start was tuned DGDGBD (open G)

7. BLACK CAT TANGO - Jore e-mailed me one day to say he had a video of Tuomas at school playing piano and singing a song called Black Cat Tango with his class. I just thought the name was great and I wrote lyrics before I even heard it - the surprise was that they fitted the tune when I did get to hear it! We shuffled the melody up and a bit and although itís short it turned out OK as far as Iím concerned

8. IN A TOWN DOWN SOUTH - this has a great violin from Ilona and Lasse on banjo. A sad story of the credit crunch I suppose . I meant to sing Highway 49 - but sang 59 instead. I think thatís in Texas so I suppose it qualifies as being down south - not sure if there are any levees there thoughÖÖGuitar is tuned DF#BEAD

9. CHAUVINIST BLUES - Tomís always telling me Iím chauvinist, racist and sexist - seems Red Indians are ĎNative Americansí and idiots are Ďintellectually challengedí Well I decided to write a tongue-in-cheek jug band song in an attempt to live up to my bad habits.

10. TOO BLACK BAD - This stems from a short story I wrote about a fictional bluesman called Poí Boy Hayes. He sang a song called TOO BLACK BAD in the story - so I thought Iíd better write it. It was meant to be a country blues song but somehow it ended up as a wild screech at the world in general - though there is a little acoustic slide guitar at the end. Main guitar is DGDEAD

11. MOLLYíS IN A HOLE - Happy tune but where did this grim lyric come from? Who knows. Poor Molly got a paper cut, caught septicaemia and died! Wonderful fiddle from Ilona and some tasty mandolin from Jore. Bluegrass at last! Guitar is DGDEAD

12. LIVING FREE - We had messed about with this for a while without it ever sounding anything less than tedious and I decided to scrap it - but Jore dragged it up again and said we should try some new instrumentation on it so we did - and it sounded better than it had before so we kept it. A couple of CATCH THE WIND references - I always like to get a few Donovan asides on the CDís. Guitar is DADEAE

13. SHE SAY WHAT? Tom would say this was my racist streak coming out - but to me itís just some fun with accents. Jore had a bass riff and I wrote the lyrics around that. Ilona is great on this and shows her versatility by sounding like Stefan Grappelli. Lots of clichťs and bits of stolen blues lyrics here - which is fairly normal for me - but I think it works all the same.

14. LONG BLACK TRAIN - Again a standard blues lyric which I really shouldnít be putting my name to as 40 other blues singers have written it before in one form or another. The trains are so bad here the girl would probably still be waiting at the station! Guitar is DGDGGD

15. DREAM - This felt strange when it fell under my fingers. I donít think Iíve written anything like this before. It certainly confused Tuomas for a while as he struggled to find out what the chords were - I had no idea - the guitar was in a funny tuning. Again a happy melody and bleak lyrics - donít ask me why - I just write what comes into my head! Great piano and bass - the little tinkles are made by a wind chime I bought in Belgium in 1971

16. HEART OF THE BLUES - We had already recorded this when Ilona came to visit for the first time and overdub her violin. I was already pretty drunk when she arrived but as I listened to her play I just poured out whisky after whisky and got completely gaga! It seemed incredible to me that someone with her talent was playing on a song I had written! I felt so lucky - it was a humbling experience - so humbling I almost fell over several times and Iím sure I had drunken tears of gratitude in my eyes!

17. SOME KINDA LOVE - This was one that we tried various instruments on but I was never happy with the outcome. Eventually we decided on this Ďstripped downí version and I really like it. The words have a lot of space to breathe in . Guitar is DADEAE

18.ONE MORE CHANCE - We had completed all the mixing and actually made the master CDís when Jore Ďfoundí this in a folder on his PC - we had forgotten all about it! Having added a couple of instruments to it we mixed it and put it on the end of the first CD. Itís basically the old HONEY JUST ALLOW ME ONE MORE CHANCE Bob Dylan standard folkie song put to a Pentangle type acoustic guitar riff with some great electric guitar from Pertti and lovely piano from Tuomas. Iím sure I donít mention Jore enough in these notes - heís fantastic on double bass on many tracks and adds banjo, mandolin, percussion - we just tend to forget what he and I play on the songs! Guitar here is DGDEAD

CD 2

1. JUNGLE JACK - So....whatís all this about? Tarzan and Jane into a bit of sado-masochistic bondage? Lyrics are strange things that pop into your head with lines you really donít want to sing - but somehow they seem to fit the tune, so you keep them - even if it makes you look like a sex pervert! This started life as a nice simple riff but took on a life of its own when the words arrived. Nice sax from Hessu at the end. Guitar is DF#BEAD.

2. Iíll NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN - This song came about after a guy in the folk club came in one night with a folder full of country song lyrics and insisted I read virtually all of them. He thought they were fantastic - I thought they were dire and almost burst out laughing a few times as I read through them. I decided to write a spoof country song myself with as many clichťs as I could in it and everything was going according to plan until Ilona started playing her violin - and it suddenly turned into a REAL song! Damn that girl - she makes everything sound so bloody good!

3. WORLDíS GONE MAD - Here I go, ranting and raving again. Thereís an obvious Tom Waits influence here but I feel the lyrics are sincere enough to my own heart - everything seemed much simpler when you actually had to OWN the money before you could buy something and anyone who denies the existence of dinosaurs is as nutty as a nut tree is my book. Great guitar from Pertti at the end - sadly Iíve yet to meet him as he did all his overdubs after I had left in July. Maybe next year we can have a beer together and I can thank him personally for all his great guitar work. My guitar is CACGAE

4. THREE BLIND MONKEYS - Jore was pissed off as there was only one jug band song on the album (Chauvinist Blues) so he suddenly pulled out the lyrics for another two which Iíd left in the studio in 2004 or something! He has a huge pile of every piece of paper Iíve ever had down in the basement! Anyway, there was this and Everybody Looking For Something so he insisted we do them. Iíd recorded Three Blind Monkeys on a solo CD a few years back but I suppose maybe only 3 people in the world have ever heard it previously so I guess this will be new to most folks.

5. WHISPERING WIND is a sort of countrified J J Cale sound I suppose. I had originally written it as Hickory Wind but something kept nagging at me that there was already a song with that title and when I googled it, sure enough, I found Gram Parsons had got there first. Well to hell with him - I think Whispering Wind is a better title anyway! Great whistling from Jore to give it a Sergio Leone feel and some fantastic mandolin playing from him at the end too. Guitar is DGDGGD

6. SEA MINER BLUES - a play on words of course, as the guitar is tuned to an open C minor chord. I wanted to try to capture the feel of Skip James playing with a jug band in 1928 - so I sang falsetto and we added some crackles to try and make it sound like an old recording. Me on guitar, mandolin and jug and Jore on banjo - which isnít too audible but it would be missed if it wasnít there. Guitar is CGCGCEb

7. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF ENGLAND - One night in the folk club one of the crazier tattooed guys got up and played a song where he only covered the top 4 strings of the guitar with his capo at the 2nd fret - this seemed pretty weird to me - but he got a nice mellow sound from it and I decided to try it out. This song was the result. Tuomas really took it to a whole new stratosphere with his wonderful piano arrangement and of course Ilonaís violin is also beautiful. So thanks for making me sound so good folks - I could never have done it without you! If I ever write a rock-opera youíll be the first people I contact!

8. SOUTHERN FACE - I felt this turned out really well. The drums give it a Little Feat type shuffle and although the lyrics are nothing special it doesnít really matter as the general Ďgrooveí is the most important thing here. Nice Stevie Wonder style keyboards from Tuomas and effective banjo from Lasse. Guitar is DGDEGD

9. CHAMPAGNE ON ICE - A fairly standard Ďrockerí - but Pertsaís chugging guitar gives it a bit of balls and once again it has that garage band feel we like so much. Guitar is DGDGBD

10. SURVIVAL GAME - Another A P. Sarjanto song which I wrote some English words for. I suppose anyone who has reached 45 and been working for 30 years can relate to this song. More than three chords here so it was a bit of a challenge for me - but of course no problem to REAL musicians like Tuomas and Jore.

11. GLAD TO BE - Not my usual style at all - this falls into the same category as Dream and the final track Straight. Weird tuning, weird voicing. I was a bit unsure what the guys would make of this but Tuomas loved it and added some backing vocals as well as piano and organ. The single piano chord is especially spooky! And Joreís bass is brilliant . How lucky am I to know these guys?! Glad To Be!

12. SOUTHERN FRIED BANJO - When Lasse left he forgot to take his banjo for some reason or other so I picked it up and started doodling and came up with this crazy Ďold time countryí track. Iím sure thereís a real country song called Cluck Old Hen so it must have been in my subconscious. Of course the lyrics are very tongue in cheek - though once again Ilona makes it sound like itís for real!

13. SPECIAL FRIEND BLUES - Same initials as the last track! Synchronicity or what? This was another track we rescued from the outtakes. Nothing was working right with it - it was boring - but again Jore wanted to dust it down and try something new - so I added a picky guitar and some nylon string lead and he added accordion and suddenly it didnít sound so boring after all. Guitar is DF#BEAD

14. EVERYBODY LOOKING FOR SOMETHING - As I already explained on Three Blind Monkeys this was an old song Jore had the lyrics for. I think I originally recorded this in the early 1990ís on a solo CD. Well, the guys were happy enough with it - but Iíve told them the days of jug band are now over for the SmugglersÖ.

15. SAY GOODNIGHT - Standout organ solo from Tuomas at the end of this. Great bass from Jore. Took us a while to get this together - it was too cluttered but Iím very pleased with the end result here. Lyrics may not mean anything to anyone but me. Guitar is DF#BEAD

16. BOTTLE OF BLUES - Another roadhouse Ďcrunchyí blues song. Really picks up after the first verse when Pertsaís guitar kicks in. Sounds like weíre all a bit lost at the solo but thatís the way I like it sometimes. ĎYou can tell my friends they can look for me somewhere between Hell and Santa Cruzí is a line Iím particularly proud of! Guitar is in open G tuning DGDGBD

17. SHINE MY SOUL - This was one of the first songs I wrote for this collection. Iíd been at a concert in Glasgow to see John Martyn - who was pretty poor - but the support act was a guitarist from Devon called John Smith - who told the audience the guitar tunings for some of the songs he was playing. One of them was CACGAE - something Iíd never heard of before. So - I went home and duly tuned my guitar that way and found the riff and thought ĎThatís a big strange - but I like ití. It struck me as being a bit different from my usual. When Iíd finished writing the words I remember I poured myself a whisky and celebrated going in a slightly new direction.

18. STRAIGHT - But this was an entirely different direction again. I look on Dream, Glad To Be and Straight as a kind of trilogy of songs Iíd never expect to have the ability to write. The thing about different guitar tunings though is that you can play Dsus7#13 just by playing an ordinary Em shape - so you never know what sounds you might stumble upon. Wonderful bass and piano from my fellow band members - and Hessusís trumpets at the end at just perfect. The lyrics came very quickly - I felt I was repeating myself in songs all the time and playing the same things continually - so maybe Iíll give it up and try something else - or maybe the muse will kick my arse in the New Year and Iíll get back into writing some more of the same. I donít feel it can get any better than this double CD - but Iíll carry on if the guys want to - after all Van Morrison and J J Cale have been repeating themselves for years - so why shouldnít IÖ.Guitar is DF#BEAD



Jack of Diamonds
Donít you know itís a hard card to find (x2)
Well Iím thinkingí and Iím wonderiní
Just to ease my worried mind

You can swing out sister
Swing out low and swing out high (x2)
Well itís hello hello
Goodbye goodbye

Blues aní trouble
You know they follow me around (x2)
Well I believe, I do believe
Put me six feet in the ground

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


My name is David Rosenberg, I'm the last one of my kin
I traded cattle in the North and followed the faith I was in
At the market place on a summer's day a fair maid I did see
And I lost my heart to the brown haired girl and it never will be free

I made some money as the time went by, but a fool is plain to see
And with whisky, cards and women, well that fool was surely me
I lost everything I owned and a shitload more besides
So I made my way to Americay leaving all my debts behind

Well life was good in the land of the free and I soon had some renown
As a man with money and a country house and another place in town
Yes life was good as the years rolled on but sadness filled my world
For I'd give every cent I own just to see that brown haired girl

(c) AP Sarjanto & Davy Mc Gowan


Takes every kinda people
Make the world go round
Cause every kinda people
Built it from the ground
See it in the sight
Hear it in the sound
Going roundÖ.roundÖ..round

Takes every kinda people
Make life what it is
Cause every kinda people
Are living life like this
She gonna have hers
He gonna have his
Going roundÖ..roundÖ..round

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Time is a river, Lord I just canít get across
Itís a pale moon rising on a coal black, riderless horse
Time is a river where the waterís so deep and wide
Ainít no one ever gonna make it to the other side

Lord Iím tired of these women trying to make a fool out of me
Tired of being treated like a mail order refugee
I had some lessons in love, Lord it almost killed me heart and soul
Now my pocket bookís full and Iím looking for some jellyroll

Love is an ocean where we all drown every day
Itís a six gun shooting from the hip, thatís the price you pay
Love is an ocean deeper than the deepest blue
Gonna find itís way to your door Lord and bury you

Well Iím tired of being tired, tired of being who I am
Iím gonna change my religion, change into another man
And if that man donít shape up to what heís meant to be
Iím gonna ask sweet Jesus to end my misery

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Youíre my only affliction
A virus worse than the flu
You gimme a raginí fever
All my love, all my love is for you

Canít find me no cure
What can a poor boy do?
Got a troubled mind and a bleediní heart
All my love, all my love is for you

Mercury risiní, heading for 100 or more
Iím in a cold sweat
Standing in the rain outside your door

Youíre my fatal attraction
Never thought I could feel so blue
All Iím askingís just a crumb of love
All my love, all my love is for you

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Oh my Marie, oh my cherie
I love you, oh baby will you love me?

Oh my Marie, oh canít you see?
I love you , oh baby will you love me?

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Black cat tango got a low down beat
Got me shuffling with two left feet
Two left feet out on a crowded floor
Black cat tango got me crying for more

Black cat tango and a blue moon night
Got me confused Ďbout whatís wrong and whatís right
Men drinking whisky, women with wine
Black cat tango got us all feeling fine

Black cat tango as the clock strikes one
Mystery lady got her hand on my gun
Hold her in close, dancing cheek to cheek
Black cat tango gonna make us all freak

Black cat tango, man what a thrill
Street filling up from the overspill
Key in the ignition, hand on the wheel
Black cat tango knows just how I feel

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Cats in the cradle,
Frankís off the payroll with a bottle of Jack
Saw his dreams run out on Highway 59
And knows they wonít be coming back
Maybe Uncle Sam will tell Louise
About recession and credit control
Tell her why theyíre left without a prayer
Down there in the hole
In a town down south

Moonís on the water
Louiseís daughter is tugging at her mamaís dress
ďDonít cry mama - come on and take a little restĒ
Down by the levee Frankís gazing skywards
Wondering what itís all about
Tries to get himself another swig
But the liquor has all run out
In a town down south

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


If pigs could fly, Iíd be high
Way up there in the pale blue sky
Woman done left me at the break of day
Said she had the chauvinist blues

She said she had the chauvinist blues
From her chauvinist shoes
Said I was a chauvinist, bad bad news
Woman done quit me, said she had the chauvinist blues

I donít know whatís the problem here
All I done ask her was to chill my beer
Woman freaked out like a crazy loon
Said she had the chauvinist blues

She started cryiní as I recall
She said I never understood women at all
She got that right, lord thatís a fact
Said she had the chauvinist blues

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


No one does nothiní for free
If youíre lookingí for sympathy donít look at me
I said no one does nothingí for free
If youíre lookingí for love be the lock for my key
Well this whole crazy world is so sad
Donít you know pretty baby itís too black bad

There ainít no one gives a damn
Presidents, preachers or Uncle Sam
Ainít no one gives a good Goddamn
Nothiní but lies from the Flim Flam Man
Well this whole crazy world is so sad
Donít you know pretty baby itís too black bad

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Mollyís in a hole, Molly got a paper cut
Mollyís in a hole and there ainít no way to turn around
Mollyís in a hole, Molly got a paper cut
Mollyís in a hole and there ainít no way from out the ground

She had lovers on the wild side of town
She caused crashes when her hair was hanging down
She told John she didnít want him around

Mollyís in a hole, Molly got a paper cut
Mollyís in a hole and there ainít no way to turn around
Mollyís in a hole, Molly got a paper cut
Mollyís in a hole and there ainít no way from out the ground

She had something brings the boys out to play
She had a smile to have it all her own way
But she got nothing at the end of the day

Mollyís in a hole, Molly got a paper cut
Mollyís in a hole and there ainít no way to turn around
Mollyís in a hole, Molly got a paper cut
Mollyís in a hole and there ainít no way from out the ground

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


You pick it on up you put it on down
Move it round and round
You move it on up, you shake it on down
Shake it shake it now
You pick it on up, you put it right back
Where itís meant to be
In the chilly hours and minutes of uncertainty
You move it on up, you move it on out
Living free without a doubt

You pick it on up, you put it on down
Hey, can you dig it now?
You ease it on in, you ease it on out
Shake it shake it now
You pick it on up, you put it right back
Way back, way back when
When the sundown pales the sky
I want you then
You move it on up, you move it on out
Living free without a doubt

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


She say what? 'I don't love you!'
She say what? 'I don't need you!'
She say what? 'I don't want you
Coming around no more'
She say what? 'I don't love you!'
She say what? 'I done quit you!'
She say what? 'I don't want you
Knocking upon my door'

I gave that woman everything I had
But she's acting strange, she's acting mad
I gave that woman everything I owned
But she was crazy as hell last time I phoned

She say what? 'I don't love you!'
She say what? 'I don't need you!'
She say what? 'I don't want you
Coming around no more'

I gave her the best years of my life
I even done gone and made her my wife
She said it's all over and that ain't all
There's another mule kicking in your stall

She say what? 'I don't love you!'
She say what? 'I don't need you!'
She say what? 'I don't want you
Coming around no more'
She say what? 'I don't love you!'
She say what? 'I done quit you!'
She say what? 'I don't want you
Knocking upon my door'

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


How long, how long
Till that long black train come back
Lord it took my baby
Somewhere way on down the track

How long, how long
Till I see that gal of mine
Lord it took my baby
Somewhere way on down the line

How long, how long
Till she walk right in my door
Lord I got me a feeling
I ainít gonna see my gal no more.

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Life is a waiting room
Whose walls are peeling
Much of a muchness
Just accept the feeling
And dream

Life is a bagatelle
It has no meaning
Fast forward in reverse
Accept the feeling
And dream

Life is a wishing well
That needs repairing
Chaos in action
With no one caring
Just dream

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Iíve been low, Iíve been down
Been out on the road and all around
Woman in my head no matter where I point my shoes
I wake in the morning with her on my mind
Go to sleep at night and guess what I find?
Iím dreaming of her then and living
in the heart of the blues

The riverís deep and the highwayís wide
Got a bad bad feeling way down inside
Need a shot of something, just to help me see it through
I see her face when I close my eyes
I see her tears and her sad goodbyes
Iím sitting in a diner living in the heart of the blues

Life is a jungle where we all gotta stroll
Life is a pantomime of rock Ďní roll
Look for love again and again
But you donít find nothing but heartache and pain

I donít mind I just move with the flow
Up in the morning and on with the show
Trucks on the highway, bikers coming into view
I do my job, I get my pay
I go get drunk most everyday
Just to kill the pain of living in the heart of the blues

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Walking along the beach
Everything out of reach in my life
Walking along the shore
Looking for less and asking for more

And I can see
The way things are going to be
And Iím aware itís some kinda love

Some things are for the best
Live in the now - to hell with the rest
Feeling the thrill to my core
Walk in the rain right down to your door

And I can see
Thereís something in the chemistry
And Iím aware itís some kinda love

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Honey just allow me one more chance
To get along with you
Honey just allow me one more chance
Iím feeling so damn blue - all over you
God knows what Iím gonna do
Just canít get over you

Honey just allow me one more chance
To get along with you
Honey just allow me one more chance
I donít care what you do
Just me & you babe - just me & you
Christ knows what Iím gonna do
Just canít get over you

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


You wanna let him in, donít wanna let him out
You gonna let him sin without a doubt
Tie you to the floor till you beg for more
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
You gonna let him back, Jungle Jack

You move it to the left, you move it to the right
You move it inside out, you move it outa sight
You take one last look at liberties he took
Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm
You gonna let him, Jungle Jack

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Clouds in the sky, rain pouring down
Iím sitting in a barroom in old Tulsa town
The woman I love left on the midnight train
Lord Iíll never be happy again

The band playing low seem to know how I feel
Picking them blues on that old pedal steel
Iím drinking down whisky but it donít ease the pain
Lord Iíll never be happy again

Well I made a mistake, Iím paying for it now
With a broken down heart that I canít fix no how
The woman I love left on the midnight train
Lord Iíll never be happy again

I canít sleep at night, Iím walking the floor
Praying just to see her walk in through my door
Cigarettes and whisky gonna drive me insane
Lord Iíll never be happy again

I got an ache in my heart, tears in my eyes
Why in Godís name did I tell all those lies?
The woman I love left on the midnight train
Lord Iíll never be happy again

Well I made a mistake, but Iím paying the price
Lost my own acre of Paradise
The woman I love left on the midnight train
Lord Iíll never be happy again

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Worldís gone mad - mad, sad and bad
Worldís gone mad - where the hell is Alan Ladd?
Worldís gone crazy with folks spending what they ainít got
If you raise your voice you get shot in a parking lot
We got sad people, mad people bad people, fat people
Dumb mothers runniní round in SUVís bitchiní Ďbout the price of gas
Well they can kiss my goddamn ass
WE got nerd people, turd people, geek people, freak people
Sick psychos picking up on ideas from cable TV - people canít you see?
Set Ďem on up and Iíll drink Ďem down

Worldís gone mad - when you think of what we had
Worldís gone mad - yeah mad, sad and bad
Worldís gone crazy - folk believe in Adam and Eve
And snakes that talk - saying those dinosaurs never walked
We got depression, recession - Ďhave a nice dayí bullshit at every turn
Do these assholes never learn?
We got go-getters, French letters, bed wetters, jet-setters
Politicians having it their own way - is that OK?
Set Ďem on up and Iíll drink Ďem down

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Late last night or the night before
Three blind monkeys came to the door
They'd nothing in their pockets
And said they were refugees
I looked at them once, I looked at them twice
Saw the clothes they're wearing weren't very nice
So I made them up a bundle on my own
And said, 'Take these.'

They weren't impressed, they weren't amused
Said they wouldn't wear anything that was used
I took the bundle back and sipped my beer
Then I told them, 'Get your skinny asses out of here.'

Late last night or the night before
Three blind monkeys came to the door
I tried my best to help
But they didn't want my help at all.

Early in the morning at the break of day
Three blind monkeys came my way
They were smoking on cigars
And kicking at the passers by
I looked them up, I looked them down
I felt my features setting into a frown
Cause I didn't like the way
They were making all the children cry

I crabbed up one, I crabbed up two
And kicked their asses into the zoo
Then third one came at me and tried to bite
So I kicked his ass right out of sight

Early in the morning at the break of day
Three blind monkeys came my way
I tried my best to help
But they didn't want my help at all.

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2007


Whispering wind whispering wind
Where you gonna go?
Whispering wind whispering wind
Where you gonna blow
Whispering wind whispering wind
Only you will know
Are you heading for my home?

Whispering wind whispering wind
Where you been so long?
Whispering wind whispering wind
Canít you hear my song?
Whispering wind whispering wind
Where do you belong?
Are you heading for my home?

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Oh tell me mama what makes you so cruel?
Lord Iím sick and tired of being your lowdown fool

Iím leaviní here mama, wonít be back no more
You may cry for me baby but I wonít walk through your door

Someday someday babe you gonna miss your loviní man
If you canít give me loviní gonna find some gal who can

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Thereís summer in the city somewhere sulking in the streets
Hard luck for the one way rider and his band of beats
Sitting on the sidewalk with a cigarette in his hand
He gave Joanne a kiss as they sat listening to the band

And she said, ĎTake your time, drink your wine
Never lose sight of England - or me.í

Standing in the moonlight as the evening shadows fall
Two lovers in a doorway who got nothing but got it all
She gave a little smile as she felt his breath there on her face
Dreaming of a better time and a better place

And she said, ĎTake your time, drink your wine
Never lose sight of England - or me.í

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Donít hide your Southern face
Donít hide that face from me
Donít hind your Southern face
Hang fire now let it be
Six days on the dusty road
Six nights of misery
Iím a stranger to myself
And I need your love

Donít hide your Southern eyes
Donít hide those eyes from me
Donít hide your Southern eyes
Be cool now let Ďem be
Six years in the jailhouse pen
Six years without my liberty
Iím a stranger to myself
And I need your love

Donít hide your Southern lips
Donít hide those lips from me
Donít hide your Southern lips
Hang fire now let Ďem be
Baby plant them right on mine
Hey baby canít you see
Iím a stranger to myself
And I need your love

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


She got the champagne on ice mama mama
She got the champagne on ice
She can dance, she can sing, she can do anything
Sheís a ticket to Paradise
She can shake she can pout, let it all hang out
She always tries everything twice
She looking hotter than hell
She got the champagne on ice

She got the champagne on ice mama mama
She got the champagne on ice
Sheís a flirt in a skirt, gonna make your heart hurt
She take her chances on the roll of the dice
She can swish, she can sway, have it all her own way
Get in close youíre gonna pay the price
Sheís looking hotter than hell
She got the champagne on ice

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Driving home from work, red light in my head
The boss is bitchin' on my cellphone
Survival game, no one to blame
Survival game, game over

When you cut through all the crap, what's it all about?
Thirty years of drudging daily
Survival game, no one to blame
Survival game, game over

Honey pour us both a drink and let's make love tonight
We'll watch the stars through till morning
Survival game, no one to blame
Survival game, game over

(c) AP Sarjanto & Davy Mc Gowan


Raindrops, train stops
Passing your time
Just drinking your wine and living
Setting your store
Not asking for more but giving
Glad to be.

Clear day, hearsay,
Looking at love
As push comes to shove and thinking
Smiling your smile
And laughing at life unblinking
Glad to be.

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Baby can I be your friend
Baby can I be your special friend
Baby can I be your friend
Well Iíll love you baby till the very end

Baby can I be your man
Baby can I be your lover man
Baby can I be your man
Well I wonít do nothiní that you donít understand

Baby can I take you home
Baby can I take you home right now
Baby can I take you home
Well Iím tired of spending long nights on my own

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Everybody looking for something
But what it is they just don't know
Everybody looking for something
Looking for a little joy
Some looking for some money
Some looking to get high
Some looking for a threesome
With a one armed guy
Everybody looking for something
But what it is they just don't know

Everybody looking for something
But what it is they just don't know
Everybody looking for something
Looking for a little joy
Some looking for adventure
Some looking for some fame
Some looking for for a fall guy
That they all can blame
Everybody looking for something
But what it is they just don't know

Everybody looking for something
But what it is they just don't know
Everybody looking for something
Looking for a little joy
Some looking for a woman
Some looking for a man
Some trying to get
Their shit together best they can
Everybody looking for something
But what it is they just don't know

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2007


Itís not the way that you move me,
Thatís not what I mean to say
Itís not the way that you turn me on
And turn night-time into day
Itís not the way that it scares my soul
When the darkness fills your eyes
Itís not the way that your angel voice
Keeps taking me by surprise
Say Goodnight

Itís not the way that you look at me
As the tears run down your face
Itís not the way the alarm bells ring
In a dim and distant place
Itís not the way that you live your blues
Or the fact youíve so much feel
Itís not the way that you love me babe
Though it all seems so unreal
Say goodnight

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Woke this morning with an aching head
Lost the battle with the booze
Angels standing all around my bed
Got myself a bottle of blues

Ainít no use for me to weep and moan
Got nothing left here to lose
I can hear my Saviour calling me on home
Got myself a bottle of blues

Sign on the highway reading Beulah Land
Guess Iíll get my walking shoes
Time running out just like grains of sand
Got myself a bottle of blues

You can tell my friends that they can look for me
Somewhere Ďtween Hell and Santa Cruz
My time ainít long yeah itís plain to see
Got myself a bottle of blues

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


I got lost in a one way town
One way up and one way down
Shine my soul

Ainít no heaven, ainít no hell
Way I see itís just as well
Shine my soul

Donít know where I go when I die
Sure gonna get there bye and bye
Shine my soul

You know some scars is hard to mend
I lost my baby on a railroad bend
Shine my soul

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


Now I feel Iíve said it all, thereís nothing left to say
Tired of hearing my own voice just repeating anyway
Stumbling through the ecstasy of life day by day
I always had an easy explanation
I always fell below my expectations
But now I see the truth in what you said
Iím going straight

You could be my anchor in this life, youíre what I need
Iíve been running round and round, just like a wind blown seed
I saw the danger signs, but I paid no heed
Gonna find a cure for my condition
Iím tired of all the endless repetition
Now I see the truth in what you said
Iím going straight

(c) Davy Mc Gowan 2008


by Greg:

Too Black Bad - Review - CD one A double CD! Anyone familiar with the Mescaline Smugglers music for the last few years waits like the Pigeons in Skinnerís Box to push whatever buttons we can to get the next package of wonderful music from Tuomas, Jore and Davy.. A two CD set becomes a treasure unlooked for. Quadrupled up with the release of the Kvester Melkk Quintetís SECRET DOOR, Davyís SHEíS A MYSTERY and the KMQ-MS DEMOS AND OUTTAKES and you have hours of listening enjoyment ahead of you and to share with friends. Having being recently gifted with a 16gb IPOD, I immediately loaded 19 albums worth of music by Jore, TJ band, TJD band, MS and KMQ. This time we get a veritable orchestra with brilliant session work by AP Sarjanto on guitar,banjo and Mandolin, Ilona Ala-Leppilampi on violin, Lasse Suurkari on banjo, Heikki Taittonen on flute, sax and trumpet and Pertti Sopenpera on electric guitar along with Davy, Jore and Tuomas on every other instrument imaginable. Jazz, blues, reggae, country, rock and folk all mixed in this highpoint of the MS discography.

Thanks for all of the tuning notes, I played along with a couple of these!

1. Swing Out Sister - Great Jazzy blues number, very earthy, with definite touches of a pre beatnik, smoky 1950ís jazz club, at the birth of the cool. Excellent piano work, striking electric guitar and jazz sax that levitates the song to a new level. Opens up the album to a very high standard.

2. The Ballad of David Rosenberg - Love this kind of retro-cowboy ballad. Great guitar beginning Guitar is joined by a great rolling banjo throughout accompanied nicely by mandolin, adding jaw harp and harmonica as they are needed to complete the ambiance perfectly. A sprawling saga in 3 minutes of an emigrant to America in love with the girl he left behind.

3. Every Kinda People - Back to the jazz club again, very eccentric and ethereal. Great piano and percussion, rhythmically hypnotic, interesting point of view observational lyrics. Would be great as a straight instrumental, piano, guitar, flute and percussion melds so nicely.

4. Sam Beckett's Blues - Fantastic rocking blues song with a great back beat, amazingly good rock guitar, rhythm and especially lead by Pertti. I hate to say, but the lyrics are almost transparent because the music is so damn good, you just want to dance and donít really give a crap what the singer is saying as long as the song goes on long enough for you to show your dance moves to the girl with the long brown hair. Well done!

5. All My Love - Another great jazzy, blues fusion, with wonderful piano, sounding both like a piano and harpsichord. and percussion again. The Bass player is as smooth as velvet and Jore is up front with a great guitar lead with elements of Jazz and classical mixed together. One of my favorites.

6. Oh My Marie - Speaking of danceable, who doesnít like a great reggae song once in awhile to keep your body moving? A great festival of instruments here, popping all along like fireworks in Jamaica. Wonderful organ and sax accompanying the multitude of guitar sounds, all mixed to perfection.

7. Black Cat Tango - Perfectly delightful little song, canít keep from smiling while listening to this, and oh yes, the feet are tapping out a little tango while listening to this.

8. In a Town Down South - I oughta recuse myself, the mix of banjo, slide guitar and echoey harmonica sets up a Pavlovian response for me, a hot, moody swampy land, filled with undesirable characters. The lyrics are a little clichť worn, but serve the purpose of carrying the wonderful music. Iím ready to buy a ticket to this B movie, because I love this kind of story and the music.

9. Chauvinist Blues - Nice tub thumper type of song. Cutely non PC outrageous lyrics, carried right along by everyone that seems to be having a great time.

10. Too Black Bad - This is great, everything is distorted and slightly outre. Feels like the ravings of a possessed soul with all the instruments turned to eleven.

11. Molly's In a Hole - This is a deliciously wicked song, kind of what Edgar Allan Poe would write if he played in a bluegrass band. Please listen to this at least twice! Excellent musicianship here all around, Ilonaís fiddle and Joreís mandolin work wonders with the other instruments to make this an outstanding song, one of the best on this CD.

12. Living Free - Another favorite of mine, the jazzy feel, slightly scatty and with the lyrical references to Donovanís Catch the Wind. Feels very improvisational, but the instrumentation is very tight and spot on.

13. She Say What? - Joreís bass figure here, complimented by Ilonaís fiddle picking is amazing. Great lyrics that make you smile, partly because weíve all been down that road before.

14. Long Black Train - Another great blues piece with a rock back beat and a distorted vocal. Delightful banjo sound at the front and the overarching blues harp keep you bopping to the great drum beat. Could dance all night long to this.

15. Dream - Nice jazzy piece, interesting guitar sounds and fine piano work by Tuomas. Great philosophical lyrics about why we are here and for what purpose.

16. Heart of the Blues - Ilonaís violin again adds a wonderful dimension to a great song. Tuomasí piano sounds terrific as well, honky tonking right along down that country mile. Another Davy blues song that sounds authentic.

17. Some Kinda Love - Another philosophical journey. I like the stripped down feel, spare guitar joined by piano on the instrumental and flute at the end. Leaves room for the great lyrics to come through, with a feel of three a.m. in the darkened club, with your last whiskey and cigarette in front of you.

18. One More Change - Great piece to end the first CD. A wonderful rock-blues interpretation of an old folk song, updated and turned on itís ear by the boys. Again, Perttiís guitar stands out, but everyone sounds fantastic on this.


Part of the mythology that surrounds these musicians is the ability to continually come up with this wonderful music, lyrically elegant and musically brilliant at a pace that would make most bands half their age go nuts. Three CDís worth of superlative music in 2008 from Mescaline Smugglers, not to mention the KMQ releases and Davyís own MYSTERY TO ME. Lovely thing about TOO BLACK BAD CD Two is that it bounces around from jazz to blues to rock to Country and traditional music and you are never sure whatís coming next, just that it will be brilliant and itís honest to God music.

1. JUNGLE JACK - Beautifully crafted jazzy piece, heavy on the rhythm and percussion that swings cool. The lyrics are almost incidental to the music, even the guitar fret squeaks seem to be a part of the ambience. But, the lyrics are delightfully perverse and made me blush a little.

2. IíLL NEVER BE HAPPY AGAIN - Fantastic country song. Started out as a parody, but took wings and grew into the Gila monster that ate Austin, Texas. Some Country songs are full of clichťs that bite cow patties, this song shows how you can craft those clichťs into a great ballad with lyrics and music that is so damn catchy, youíll be whistling it tomorrow at work. The lyrics themselves are slyly wonderful, and coupled with the terrific bass, Ilonaís woven tapestry of fiddle square dancing in the mid ground, the banjo accompanying the guitar and Davyís country boy vocals, (and the harmony vocals) that raise this from a parody to Austin City Limits material.

3. WORLDíS GONE MAD - I defy you to categorize this song. Partly Tom Waits, very Dylanesque to me, with very topical, angry lyrics about how blind we are to the incipient insanity surrounding us. Nice acoustic guitar up front with at least one electric guitar joined by Perttiís amazing bluesy guitar riffs painting a Kadinsky like back ground, while Tuomas moves in and out like Jack the Ripper on a key board.

4. THREE BLIND MONKEYS - A song that makes you smile and gets your foot tapping every time you hear it. Crazy funny lyrics and a great jug band shuffle sound with everything from kazoo to blues harp ostracized well with Tuomas keyboards.

5. WHISPERING WIND - European/ American country fusion, with emphasis on ďEuropeanĒ. Starts with a spacey whistling, resolving into a nice dreamlike sound from the guitar that almost sounds like a round, very engaging. As other instruments enter and the lyric starts, the lyrics paint a story, that feels like it is in black and white on a deserted hillside in Montana, Definitely a treat to listen to on headphones, especially when the mandolin solos at the end.

6. SEA MINER BLUES - Cracking good blues/ jug here. Very authentic sounding, though maybe a little heavy on the crackle. Love the compressed, falsetto vocals, and mandolin. Only complaint is, even with headphones, I canít hear the banjo.

7. NEVER LOSE SIGHT OF ENGLAND - Geesh, has anyone in Hollywood optioned this song for a movie??. This is so fucking fantastic, I get shivers every time I listen to it. It really is an amazing piece of music, full of ambiance and color that opens up vistas to the imagination.. Tuomas piano is overwhelmingly amazing and Ilonaís violin wonderful. The lyrics are a movie in themselves while retaining a little mystery for the listener. Not enough superlatives for this song.

8. SOUTHERN FACE - Terrific ensemble piece. Love hearing the electric piano in one ear and the chunky banjo in the other ear while the harmonica soars over the top. Lyrics are fine, but mainly serve to move the great instrumental from one part to another.

9. CHAMPAGNE ON ICE - Roll up the carpets and move the furniture out. The boys are rocking tonight and itís time for dancing til the cops show up! Excellent rockerÖ too damn short for me, I wanna hear this jam go on for at least another three minutes

10. SURVIVAL GAME - Nice little song. The music outshines the lyrics by a good margin on this one. Thought provoking lyrics, but perhaps a little prosaic when matched with the wonderful mandolin and cake walk piano solo.

11. GLAD TO BE - Really Superb jazz piece, love the Dave Brubeck sound on the piano and guitar with Joreís bass doing a staccato rain drop dance just at the realm of your sensibilities. Tuomasí killer organ comes in and then the little guitar solo, just really great sounds, very retro 1960ís cool jazz. Nice dreamy lyrics, even the vocal delivery has a surreal feel. This is about perfect. Another album favorite.

12. SOUTHERN FRIED BANJO - Itís disturbing how authentic this sounds. Davy and Ilona get the idiom so perfect, you can feel the heat and humidity of Southern Louisiana before a thunderstorm and see the Spanish moss hanging from the trees. The lyrics are fun and well done, typically twisted. Iíd like to see this played over the titles for a movie, possible about some weird characters in the deep south..

13. SPECIAL FRIEND BLUES - Good blues song that develops and grows into a great song as the tune progresses and the instruments are added. Grows on you so much that you wish it went on a little longer to see how far the musicians will take this.

14, EVERYBODY LOOKING FOR SOMETHING - Please donít say this is the last jug band song from the Smugglers! Great song that underscores the value of this kind of musicÖ your feet start tapping and you start smiling and order another round of Guinness all around. How could life get better? Please donít stab my jug band heart!

15. SAY GOODNIGHT - This feels so intensely personal, so honest, its almost uncomfortable. Nice unusual guitar sounds, bass and percussion moves the talking blues right along. At the end, Tuomasís great organ solo dances all over the keys to round this out.

16. BOTTLE OF BLUES - All of the elements of a great rocking blues song are here, the sound of Perttiís guitar riding low and easy in the background during the first two verses and then bursting out after third verse, Tuomasís great barrelhouse piano rolling right along and then the over arching blues harmonica.. Inspired lyrics, elegant phrases reaching into that subconscious that we all share. ďLook for me between Hell and Santa Cruz.ď Damn, thatĎs good!

17. SHINE MY SOUL - Very different sounding--Really interesting--the sound is stripped down to curiously delicious sounding guitar, bass and off set percussion, with blues harp in the back ground. Great world weary, hard bitten lyrics. Not sure if we could categorize this, but itís great.

18. STRAIGHT - Perfect song to end the double CD really excellent. Weíre back in the realms of jazz and the non traditional. Subtle bass work and superb piano with horns at the endÖwow. Really wonderful. Scary lyrics for any MS fans. Has everything been said that needs to be said, are there more songs out there, will there be more music, will Lassie get Timmy out of the well? We can only wait and hope that the muse will smile on Glasgow once again.