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Davy Mc Gowan (left)
Jore Heikkilä (middle)
Tuomas Laitila (right)

Hello visitor!

Welcome to the new look Mescaliners Website vol 2.0!

The difference compared to the old pages is that there's no longer any information about who plays what instrument on every track. We decided it was pointless - we're playing as a band so who cares who plays what? In fact even we can't remember for sure! If it's piano then it's most likely Tuomas who plays it. If it's steel string guitar with strange sounding chords - or washboard, jew's harp or blues harp it's Davy. If it's banjo or bozouki it's probably Jore. But if it's flat bass it can be Jore or Tuomas. Shaker or mandolin? Davy or Jore. Drums? Anyone! Hopeless! Meaningless!

The structure is also different now. The previous site was trackbased. All the info was in one box. This new system is different - we have clear sections. You may have to move a little more to get all the stuff but this is more download friendly. Let us know what you think of it.

In these pages you'll find not only the history of the Mescaline Smugglers but also some mp3s - which are totally free for you. So, start downloading.

Where to start? That's a good question. 259 tracks (+ 144 more on Kvester Melkk Quintet site, read more on 'Story') to choose! Try 5 tracks:
1) Lost in Music - 03 - Rag That Joint,
2) Raking The Mules - 19 - Reflections,
3) Take 'em Off - 09 - Cowboy,
4) Cinnamon Salami cd 2 - 08 - When I was a Child,
5) Too Black Bad cd 2 - 03 - World's Gone Mad
and if nothing hits you.......forget us!

If you want to praise, criticize, sue or offer us a recording deal (we are free at the moment!) or whatever, take contact with or or

We have also decided to go public, play gigs at people's partys or big festivals, anything goes. If you have an extra 14.000 euros, take contact and we can make a deal. (This offer can end anytime, so be quick.)


April 12, 2010 - 'The Bohemian Goddess' ready and downloadable from here

April 10, 2010 - Davy on local newspaper! check

March 28th - April 4th Davy in Finland...

April 14th, 2009 - 'The Queen of Fool' is ready.
Davy got some copies with him when he left the country.

March 31st - April 14th 2009 - Davy again in Finland

January 16th 2009 - Too Black Bad is added to Hämeenlinna Library selections

December 20th 2008 - Too Black Bad got reviewed with other local bands on local newspaper
and look on page 20

October 22th 2008 - Smugglers' new websites finished!
Best viewed with Mozilla Firefox

October 11st 2008 - 'Too Black Bad' is ready. First copies burned!

October 1st - 12th - Davy in Finland